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What can I expect?

Attend courses, manage your schedule, and communicate with professors and fellow students – all from one easy online portal.

Utilize our writing resource center within our virtual library to help understand challenging course material. Meet weekly with instructors during office hours that are determined on a course by course basis.

Our International Student Advisors/Designated School Officials (DSO’s) are available to guide non-immigrant students through the process of studying in the United States. The DSO’s communicate with the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP), update student records, and help students maintain their student status by providing advice on F-1 status or immigration-related topics.

UOF Student Resources

Campus Resources

  • E-Library – ACM Digital Library, ProQuest Computer Science Collection, APA Guide, and Search Guide.
  • Dissertation Handbook– The University of Fairfax supports you through the dissertation process by providing you access to a wide variety of library research databases, including dissertation databases.  Additionally; dedicated faculty, staff, and the University Librarian are available to answer any questions you may have.

Academic Support

  • Guide through dissertation phases
  • Program Mentors
  • Weekly support sync sessions
  • Guided Capstone/Thesis
  • Tutoring support/program guidance

Build the Foundation for Life-long learning.

The University of Fairfax Program Students

At University of Fairfax, your peers are:
  • Life-long learners
  • Seeking a more fulfilling future
  • Working to achieve their goals through education
  • Defining their place in their careers and communities

“I was surprised by how welcomingnand detailed they were about all the information that was required”

Kruthi Jayakumar

Doctorate of Information Assurance

Build the foundation of your goals at University of Fairfax.