Next Steps

Your Success at University of Fairfax

How will you use timeless values and present skills to shape your future? 

Being a University of Fairfax student means committing to your education and taking an active role in your success. Excelling at University of Fairfax is achievable, if you follow a couple SMART guidelines:
  • Participate in the Sync Sessions
  • Commit to giving adequate time to your class and coursework
  • Must be present and on time to participate
  • Attendance in all modalities is required and mandatory to meet course objectives
  • Communicate with your instructors and classmates
  • Use the support system you have available at University of Fairfax
  • Work hard

You are Responsible for Your Success

Becoming a University of Fairfax Student Is Your First Step

  • Complete Application

  • Earn Acceptance

  • Review Payment Options

  • Submit Enrollment Agreement

  • Complete Orientation Class

  • Begin Classes

International First Steps